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Updates From Summer League, D-League

We gots a couple of news items today from the various developmental leagues to which the Knicks are tied. The first, via Alan Hahn, is news that we'll get at least one familiar face in Vegas this summer.

The Knicks have yet to finalize the roster for the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, but one name that we did hear to be among the players expected to be there is Patrick Ewing, Jr.

The 6-6 forward was the final cut by the Knicks at the end of training camp and spent the season with Reno of the D-League. He injured his knee in March and did not finish the season. The hope is he will be ready to play in time for the first game, which is July 14 against Hasheem Thabeet and the Grizzlies.

Pat Jr.'s a riveting athlete and a hilarious guy, so it'll be great to have him back in Vegas, and hopefully at training camp. Word has it he beasted on kids in Reno, so look out for an improved (if slightly gimpy) Ewing. Speaking of his stint in Reno, it's come to my attention that the Bighorns are no longer the Knicks' D-League affiliate. It's mentioned in the previous article, and fleshed out in this post at the majestic Ridiculous Upside. It'll be the Springfield Armor from now on, which means some Knicks-to-be will don this logo:


RU commenters compare it to Moltar or one of the Knights Who Say "Ni". I see the Iron Giant with shades of Buckethead. Anyway, no word on whether Knick D-Leaguers will have to wear a helmet, chestplate, and S&M gloves on the court. Also, a question: Do they play with the composite ball in the D-League, or is that logo even sillier than it looks?