Could Ghostface Douglas be a fit in NY?

Editor's Note: Big thanks to Jordi, who sheds light on a draft prospect that doesn't get much attention...

In the weeks leading up to any NBA Draft rumors fly and what is perceived as truth one day is in the next often revealed as unfathomable hearsay. This is the nature of the Draft's mystique. This is why we stand on the little solid ground we have and prognosticate on a great number of unknowns.

This year, we know a certain amounts of truths to be evident. The Knicks need a point guard and a center. Seth did a great job a few weeks ago in his post "What 8 Can Do" discussing some of the bigger names that can help via the Knicks' lottery pick.

After reading a recent rumor that GM Donnie Walsh may be looking to acquire a lower first round pick, it dawned on me that we could add a name to the list of possible Knicks. One player in particular that I am very familiar with, having watched him all through his college career at my alma mater. A player who can do all that Seth was asking for. One who can run the point, lead a team in scoring, and play some quality defense.

Toney Douglas of Florida State.

As I mentioned, I am slightly partial to Douglas. I am a Knicks fan who attended FSU and who currently covers Seminole basketball over at FSU sports site But that said, eying Douglas in the late first round allows the Knicks to use their early pick on a more coveted big man (Thabeet?).

In honor of the 8th pick, here are 8 things to know about Toney Douglas:

1) He is a point guard.

Ever since coming to FSU in 2005-2006 Douglas has been playing the point. Although originally a two at Auburn, Douglas committed himself at Florida State to learning the intricacies of the one guard position.

2) He can score.

As a senior Douglas averaged 21.6 points per game. He scored 751 points over the season, or 31.3% of the Seminoles total output. He averaged 38.5% from downtown with a knack for creating his shot and a talent for scoring in the lane.

3) He can play defense.

Last year, Florida State had one of the stingiest defenses in the ACC, if not in all of college basketball. The Noles prided themselves on low scoring, drag-'em-out games. Granted, this does run counter to the D'Antoni way, but it is the style of FSU Coach Leonard Hamilton. And Douglas excelled, winning ACC Defensive Player of the Year.

4) He is a leader.

As I mentioned, Douglas scored a high percentage of the Noles points last season. He was not only the go-to guy, he was the leader on a team that featured at times three starting freshmen. He was one of only three seniors and the face of the team.

5) He can run.

According to, Douglas "enjoys pushing the tempo, attacking early in the shotclock and not allowing the defense to get set … Has the ability to play at a high pace without making many mistakes". Sounds like a D'Antoni guy.

6) He is ready to contribute now.

At 23, Douglas will be an old rookie. But with the Knicks looking to rebuild for 2010, why draft someone who will take 3-4 years to develop when they can get someone NBA-ready now?

7) He played for FSU.

The last guard the Knicks drafted from Florida State was a guy named Charlie Ward. Ward was the Knicks point guard the last time they went to the NBA Finals.

8) He has a NY nickname.

Over at I started a movement to call Toney Douglas "Ghostface" due to the spelling of his name and Ghostface Killah's "Pretty Toney" album. Because you know, since Douglas's game is so pretty, he must be Ghostface.