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Friday Island Foxes

Update: "Sources: Hill to stay with Suns". Discuss.

Merry Friday, everybody. We're now fully into free agency and a few days from summer league, so here are a few links from around the interwebs.

- Like I mentioned, Vegas Summer league kicks off today. The Knicks' first game isn't until the 14th, though. The bad news for all of you out and about in the world is that the NBA is charging for streaming coverage of the games. The good news for those of us in the area is that the games will be televised locally on MSG. The good news for EVERYBODY is that there will be game threads and recaps for each of the summer league games right here on P&T. PIT BULL! WOOF!

- Former Missouri St. guard Blake Ahearn is on the Knicks' Summer League roster, and he's one of Kelly Dwyer's guys to watch in Vegas. See, if anybody really cared about salary, these are the kind of guys we'd be hearing about. Ahearn's a certified baller who's never really stuck with an NBA roster. He's also 25 and wouldn't command tens of millions of dollars. Where do I sign?

- Meanwhile, the Grant Hill situation is still up in the air, and could be resolved today. Some think Hill's leaning toward the Knicks because his wife likes to sing, and New York has the best microphones or something like that. Whatever. In the meantime, it seems we've got another older dude in our sights, and this one looks like Richard Pryor.

- Now this is reporting. Check this article by Alan Hahn:
Eddy Curry has been ordered by the Knicks to report to the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas so that team president Donnie Walsh and his staff can monitor the progress of Curry's offseason diet and conditioning program, according to Jerry Powell, one of Curry's offseason trainers.

Curry will not play for the Knicks summer league team but is expected to be on the court for the second workout of a two-a-day session Sunday at Valley High in Las Vegas, where the Knicks will work out before their summer league opener Tuesday at UNLV.

Powell says Curry, who began a strict diet and fitness regimen set up by California-based strength coach Tommy Weatherspoon in May and began workouts with Powell in June, has lost almost 50 pounds.

"They want to see what he looks like," Powell told Newsday. "They want to see him get up and down with the summer league team and practice."

50 pounds? FIFTY pounds? This is 50 pounds. This is 50 pounds. This is 50 pounds. If Eddy Curry lost 50 pounds, then may the force be with him. That is amazing. Congratulations, Eddy, and keep up the great work. (Update: Tommy Dee says Curry was well over 3 bills at media day last year, so we mustn't get our panties in a bunch. Oh well.)

- Interesting post by Steve at Clips Nation about blogging. I guess it's most interesting to me, but Steve's funny anyway, so whatever.

- Here's some more confirmation that the Knicks are, indeed, returning to Skidmore. Also, if they are actually playing preseason games in Albany, you can bet your ass that I'll do my darndest to be there.

- Ridiculous Upside's breakdown of the Knicks' summer league squad confirms that, unfortunately, it's a different Ron Howard. Also, "Rashaad Singleton" really doesn't sound like a big man.

- Knickerblogger's offseason report card of Quentin Richardson. I'm thinking that Mike's happy to see Q go.

- Island foxes are little doggy animals that are native to California's Channel Islands, which I didn't even know existed. The islands, that is. They're also endangered, so make sure you recycle them.

- Are the posts below this one on the front page showing up with the wrong numbers of comments displayed for you guys? They are for me. I'm trying to fix it, but if it's only my computer being a penis, then I won't sweat it too much.

That is all, you filthy pig dogs. Go take a bath. You smell.