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It seems these Greeks aren't kidding.

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I've been quietly trying to ignore these rumors, but I guess I'll pay them some mind before Olympiakos starts chasing the entire Knick roster. If you haven't been paying attention, Frank Isola's got the upshot:

The Greek club is not only pursuing Knicks guard Nate Robinson, but according to a source, it has also contacted his teammate, forward David Lee. It is unclear if Lee has received an offer or if he has interest in playing overseas. Lee's agent, Mark Bartelstein, would not confirm whether he had spoken to Olympiakos but Bartelstein said last night that he is confident that his client will play in the NBA next season.

This one's not even close to being a real issue yet, but it got me thinking about losing players and the lesser of two evils. While the departure of a beloved Knick sucks, it's watching him tear it up in rival colors that really stings. Losing a personal favorite hurts most when you see Charles Oakley in Raptors purple, or watch Trevor Ariza hoist the championship trophy. It's the basketball equivalent of a break-up. That could've been us.

If and when David Lee and Nate Robinson leave, there will be a period of trauma. I'll go back and tearfully read things I wrote about them, eat ice cream by the carton, and cry myself to sleep every night. Eventually, things will return to being relatively normal. Every now and then, though, the hurt will resurface. I'll be watching Sportscenter alone on a weekday, minding my own business, when BAM- there's a highlight of D-Lee posting a double-double in Blazer red, or maybe it's li'l Nate stirring the Sacramento crowd with a putback slam. Maybe it's both. Suddenly, it's misery all over again.

Anyway, here's what I'm getting at. If, indeed, Lee and Nate end up elsewhere, I think I'm rooting for it to be on the other side of the planet. Instead of making headlines in some other NBA locale, our guys would be out of sight and mind, but well within range of signal flares and searing hot coins. That's one way to ease the pain. There's also the possibility (I think) of one or both of the two spending the next year in Greece, then returning in 2010 for the gathering of the free agent studs. As neither player's camp appears to be taking this too seriously and heading to Europe is a massive choice to make, this is purely hypothetical for the time being. All I'm saying is if the Knicks are going to lose Lee or Nate, I wouldn't mind never having to think about them again. Thoughts?