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Ramon Sessions has a friend with the Knicks.

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The rumor out of Vegas is that Donnie Walsh may be in pursuit of Ramon Sessions. After a couple false starts in free agency, it's hard to know where this will go. At least this is one free agent actually worth the effort. Anyway, my main purpose in posting was to pass along this video. Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop and ClipperBlog has been conducting excellent interviews throughout the Vegas Summer League, and his talk with Dan D'Antoni covers a little-known connection between the Knick coach and the young point guard. It's something I'd heard about, but completely forgotten. Video after the jump...

Anyone who watched the Knicks play the Bucks this year knows Sessions can ball. If the rumors are true, I'm in favor of the endeavor, and it seems like we've got a leg up on the competition in Dan-Dan. Summer League Game 4 thread coming shortly.