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Andre Miller Stops By, Leaves Empty-Handed

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On an otherwise quiet day, Frank Isola of the Daily News got wind of the news that Donnie Walsh and the Knicks met with free agent point guard Andre Miller today.

According to a team source, the meeting between Miller and Knicks president Donnie Walsh took place at the Knicks training facility in Greenburgh. It is not believed that the Knicks made Miller an offer. Miller is hoping to sign for more than the mid-level exception of $5.8 million.

A more plausible scenario for the Knicks would be to work out a sign-and-trade with the Sixers. Chris Duhon would almost certainly be included in a deal for Miller.

Leaving without an offer is a bummer, but I'm more surprised to see the Knicks denying Miller his obligatory presents. What, no personalized jersey? No blaring his name from the arena PA system? No perusing the MSG renovation plans over wine and foie gras? Walsh must not really want Miller. Or is the VIP treatment only for those 35 and older? The Knicks aren't going to get many more visitors this summer if they're getting stingy with the goody bags.

In all seriousness, this is a free agent pursuit that I don't at all mind. Miller's not that old, commands respect from his teammates (and not just "Hey, weren't you in NBA Hangtime!?" respect), and has played in all 82 games his last two years. He'd also serve as an able mentor for Toney Douglas, whose already shown signs that he might one day be a serious point guard with some tutelage. A Duhon-for-Miller swap might make some sense, too. Duhon's got an expiring contract, and he'd likely be the odd man out if sandwiched between the more proficient Miller and the upstart Douglas. Keep an eye out for an actual offer, and don't be surprised if Ramon Sessions is next in line.

In other news, tip of the hat to Quentin Richardson, who's been a member of 13% of the NBA's teams since draft night. Poor Q.