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Knicks Preparing An Offer For Sessions?

Milwaukee guard Ramon Sessions has long been on the Knicks' radar, and it sounds like Donnie Walsh may be nearing his first free agent acquisition of the summer. From Marc Berman at Tha Post:

Walsh is on the verge of making Sessions a long-term, mid-level offer for roughly $26 million, the player's agent told The Post yesterday.

Walsh met with veteran free agent point guard Andre Miller yesterday at the team's Westchester facility, but the Knicks look at the 33-year-old Miller as a one-year rental, making him a longshot option.

On the other hand, Sessions, 23, now is being regarded by the Knicks as a point-guard-of-the-future type.

The Knicks became reluctant to get serious about Sessions earlier this month. They felt the Bucks would match a mid-level offer and didn't want to be tied up waiting on Milwaukee.

Now they think the Bucks will pass because of their comfort level with first-round draft pick Brandon Jennings, who is the centerpiece of the team's season-ticket marketing campaign on their Web site.

Though this move would dip into 2010 money and, as Berman notes, affect the David Lee situation, it sounded before as if most of y'all were with me in embracing the possibility of Sessions in NY. It's hard to say where the Bucks are drawing the line, but I can't imagine them matching a four-year deal for a backup to Jennings. So, now that a dollar figure has been mentioned, what's the feeling? Remember that, as of yet, this is all hearsay and there's no actual offer on the table.