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P&T Bangin' On Your Eardrum

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Instead of fretting over the troublesome free agent situation, I'd like to pass along some feats of broadcast media that are far more entertaining than hair-pulling over David Lee's contract.

One is Stephon Marbury's UStream broadcast. He's doing this all day. You are morally obligated to watch it for at least a few minutes. I just watched him give himself a facial and negotiate with the DirectTV guy. You should too.

At some point in the day, though, you should check out the most recent episode of the Disciples of Clyde NBA podcast. Dan and Ken were kind enough to have me on as a guest, and we shared a great number of laughs and morsels of Knicks-related optimism. You can also hear me:

- Severely misestimating my own age at several points in Knicks history

- Sharing the rather creepy genesis of my Knicks fandom

- Waxing ridiculous over Nikoloz Tskitishvili

Anyway, the DoC are members of the P&T community and two of the most entertaining Knick fans out there, so if you're not already familiar, I recommend you check out some of their past 'casts and subscribe to that shit, too. I'm on the move today, so check out Steph, hang with the Disciples, and we'll talk later. And's just free agency. Chill.