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A Word From Al Harrington

Hats off to Marc Berman (and hat tips to TKB), who amid all the free agent poop-flinging, took some time to talk to a real-life Knick. Al Harrington's training hard for his contract year, and has designs on being a Knick for the long term.

Harrington's first Knicks season was a hodgepodge. He was the team's leading scorer (20.7 points per game) but not their leading man. For three-quarters, the 6-foot-9 Elizabeth, N.J., native often was an unstoppable scoring force. When the fourth quarter hit, game on the line, Harrington often disappeared.

"That's why I'm training so hard, two-a-days in midsummer," Harrington told The Post. "I usually don't do that. Two weeks after the season, I hit Coney Island. This year, I want to be a better finisher."

It was the theme of last season. No finisher.

"I know that's all about endurance," Harrington said. "The end of the game, I didn't feel the same as the beginning of the game. To be more assertive, I have to be in the best shape of my career."

Read the full piece for mentions of Harrington's modeling career, and a parking ticket we all wish we could've written. Anyway, I don't think anyone's pegging Al as a leading scorer on a good team, but he's got plenty of value as a multi-talented role player. If he performs this season and tempers his contract demands, I see no reason why he shouldn't be considered for a re-up next summer.

We now return to your regularly-scheduled poop-flinging.