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Jamaal Tinsley, Come On Down!

At least Donnie Walsh is covering all his bases. According to a report filed by Frank Isola early this morning, Jamaal Tinsley will be the next member of the League of Undesirable Point Guards to meet with Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni. I've always loved Tinsley, but he's now 31 years old, and was just fully excommunicated from Indiana after a year of banishment.

The off-the-court troubles and perceived character issues aren't what turn me off. It's more that after a year away from basketball, Tinsley's likely developed some rust and added a few pounds to his already huggable frame. If Walsh feels that a stopgap backcourt signing is necessary to avoid handing over a lottery pick, a reclamation project probably won't cut it. In fact, at this point, if Sessions is out of reach and free agent vets just aren't biting (still waiting for Jacque "JV" Vaughn to get a call), why not cut your losses and focus on developing Toney Douglas?

Anyway, this is just a rumored meeting. For some reason I'm not really buying Tinsley as a legitimate possibility, but you never know. If I'm wrong, at least we can all buy these.