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The Astrological Take on Patrick Ewing

This wouldn't usually get its own post, but hey, it's summertime! I just had to pass along this "Leo Celebrity Profile" of Knick legend Patrick Ewing, whose forthcoming August birthday apparently gives us some insight into his personality and career. An excerpt:

Patrick is a Leo who is a softie, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t competitive, far from it, his go-getter personality has a creative edge to it that gives him the edge in just about anything he sets his mind to achieving.

With his Moon placement in the peacemaking sign of Libra, Patrick always trys to find a solution that suits everyone, and although this is often an unachievable scenario, he will still try to do what he can do to be fair on all levels.

Thousands of articles have been written about Patrick Ewing in his nearly 30 years of fame, but I guarantee that's the first time we've gotten this particular angle.

Also, exactly how is this a "solution that suits everyone"?