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Knicks Interested in Jason Williams?

Well, that's just about the least surprising rumor of the summer. At this point, why not? Every other relevant point guard of the late 90's/early 00's has paid a visit, so interest in Jason Williams only makes sense. Anyway, here's the scoop from Tim Povtak at the Fanhouse (emphasis mine):

Point guard Jason Williams, who is trying to return to the NBA after a self-imposed, one-year retirement, will be in Memphis this weekend for a meeting and a workout with the Grizzlies.

Williams, 33, is expected to formally clear waivers Thursday, making him an unrestricted free agent and available to any team in the league. The Clippers, who had signed him to a contract a year ago before he retired, waived their exclusive right to him last week.

The Knicks also have shown interest in Williams, according to NBA sources. Williams, who last played for the Miami Heat (2005-2008), has been working out in Orlando, where he makes his off-season home.

For those of you keeping score, that's a visit with the Grizzlies, but mere interest from the Knicks. Either way, I wouldn't take this too seriously, or at least no more seriously than the interest Walsh has in Jamaal Tinsley. Meanwhile, I'll just go ahead and take the liberty of preemptively reporting that, according to my sources, the Knicks have interest in Damon Stoudamire, Nick Van Exel, and Shammond Williams.