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Free Agent Update

It's been an eventful two days, but nothing has actually come to fruition in New York. Something eventually will, though. Here's what they're saying about some of the important names:

David Lee

As was mentioned in the Fanposts, the hilarious Zach Randolph-for-Quentin Richardson deal likely takes the Grizzlies out of the running for Lee (if not shaking the earth to its core). With Detroit committed to Gordon and Villanueva and Portland closing in on Turkoglu, Walsh's odds of retaining Lee at yearly single digits are improving. Toronto is reported to be readying an offer for Lee, and OKC is supposed to come knocking as well. That Mark Bartlestein chap is sounding desperate, though, and I have a good feeling about this one.

Jason Kidd

I spare no good feelings for this one. While the Mavs are offering a robust 3 years, $25 million, the Knicks are promising Kidd $18 million for the same duration of time. Our hopes of "well maybe it'll just be one year" are behind us. I've got a longer post about this in me, but this absolutely inexplicable. I'm going to very, very sad if the Knicks sign Jason Kidd.

Caveat: If Walsh manages to shed the contracts of Curry and/or Jeffries in the process, that'll make a Kidd signing hurt a little less. Just a little.

Nate Robinson

Alan Hahn's been updating his Twitter shotgun-style as I write this, and his word on Nate is the following:

Knicks will also wait patiently, see what kind of offers Lee gets and then react accordingly. Same goes for Nate Robinson, tho I think the chase for Kidd and drafting Toney Douglas makes N8theGr8 a valuable trade asset.

Morris Almond

In an article with the most predictable NY Post headline I've ever seen, Marc Berman claims that summer league sign-up Morris Almond needs only to hold his own in Vegas to make the team. This is excellent news. Investing small amounts stock in promising, young enterprises is how you succeed in the long-term.

Tracy McGrady and Steve Nash

Neither of these guys are really free agents (McGrady's got one year left on his lucrative deal and Nash is waiting on a team option), but both have been tied to the Knicks. Nash would likely come via trade, which isn't wonderful. Just like Kidd, Nash is an aged point guard with only a few more years to give. If the Knicks could land him for a couple expiring contracts though, I'd be in favor of Nash over Kidd every single day of the week.

Meanwhile, I bring up McGrady because of this bit in Hahn's recent bout of Twitterrhea:

And finally, as I said last night..HOU/T-Mac situation is smoldering. Source tells me it may not take ECurry, perhaps cheaper than that......but it is believed HOU may hit pause a moment after Artest is gone and Yao is out. Need someone. TAriza isn't a go-to option.

What do you mean "it may not take ECurry"? Shouldn't Walsh stay away from this deal unless the Rockets are willing to take Curry in return?

Grant Hill

Again, why??

(Sigh.) I didn't expect to be worried about this stuff. I really thought retaining Lee was going to be my biggest concern. Turns out the imminent possibility of Donnie Walsh reuniting the 2001 All-Star team is what's losing me sleep. Seriously, click that link. They're all there. If you start hearing Glenn Robinson-to-NY rumors, just don't tell me.