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A Weekend Free Agency Thread

Here's the story, babies. After months of false starts and failures, it appears the Knicks are finally ready to make a move. Of course, this move promises to come during the single extended stretch this summer when I'll be away from my computer. I'm leavin' town in an hour or two, and likely won't get more than a passing glance at the internets until Sunday night. What I'm gonna do is throw up a few relevant links ("throw up" as in post. I can't actually vomit links quite yet.) and leave it to you guys to keep the thread updated with what you're hearing and reading. If there's any big news (the Knicks make a formal offer or somebody accepts said offer), I'd appreciate if someone could post a nice, coherent Fanpost or Fanshot that gives appropriate credit to the news source. The powers that be (!!!) will probably promote one of them to the front page and the discussion can take off there. Anyway, here's what's up at the moment:

- As I posted at an ungodly hour this morning, Marc Stein is reporting that, if certain things fall the right way, a New York offer sheet for Ramon Sessions should be enough to pry him away from the Bucks.

- The aforementioned "things" include Hakim Warrick's choice of team, and also the possibility that the Bucks might prefer a sign-and-trade (which is unlikely, but has been mentioned).

- Frank Isola's article this morning sort of throws a wrench in my excitement with the following:

Ramon Sessions could receive a contract offer from the Knicks as early as Friday, assuming they don't have a change of heart and shift their point-guard focus to Allen Iverson.

Mike D'Antoni is said to favor Sessions, a restricted free agent who enjoyed a breakout season for Milwaukee last year. However, Iverson could be a cheaper alternative because the perennial All-Star is willing to accept a one-year contract that would cost the Knicks their $5.85 million mid-level exception. Sessions, 23, is hoping to receive a multi-year contract starting with the mid-level exception. The Bucks would have seven days to match the offer.

According to a team source, Knicks president Donnie Walsh and Iverson's agent, Leon Rose, met two weeks ago to discuss the possibility of Iverson joining the Knicks. Iverson had a subpar year last season with Detroit and desperately wants to salvage his career.

Like I said, "sort of". Two weeks is centuries in free agency time, and I'm just not buying a one-year Iverson rental for "buzz" sake alone. This is New York. And if he could barely take the damn Pistons to the Playoffs, then what's he gonna do with the Knicks? Anyway, I'm going to take the liberty of dismissing this rumor entirely, but I'm interested to see if any of you guys would prefer (the admittedly cheaper) Iverson to Sessions. I don't think the Knicks do at all. Just asking.

- Remember that Jamaal Tinsley is still a possibility if the Sessions thing doesn't work out.

That's what's happening at the moment. Things will likely progress over the next day or two, so keep your eyes and ears open and share what you find in this thread. I'll check in later tonight, then I'm out until Sunday. I love you all very much. There's food in the fridge. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.