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Grant Hill Comes To Visit

Grant Hill is expected to meet with Knick officials today, just one day removed from his talks with the beefed-up Celtics. A month ago, the prospect of signing Grant Hill would've upset me. He turns 37 this year and wouldn't exactly bring a winner's mentality, given that he's never seen the second round of the playoffs and appeared in this video. Now, though, with the Jason Kidd scare behind us, inking Oliver Miller for three years and $18 million would seem like a victory. And according to Frank Isola, Hill wouldn't command nearly that much (via TKB):

Grant Hill will receive the Jason Kidd treatment from the Knicks Monday, which includes, among other things, a tour of Madison Square Garden and a home jersey.

The one thing Hill won't be getting is a three-year contract offer worth $18 million like Kidd received. The Knicks are hoping to sign Hill, the veteran free agent forward, to the bi-annual exception - which is worth approximately $2 million per season.

It's a reasonable offer, but with the Hill being pursued by Boston and with Phoenix looking to re-sign him, the Knicks may be fighting an uphill battle.

Two mill a year for a vet is much more palatable than six, though it's hard to imagine Hill passing on a shot at a ring in Boston or a familiar situation in Phoenix to join our little circus. Also, despite his postseason inexperience (and I don't mean to dig. It's just that Hill's participated in less playoff games than Larry Hughes, but you never hear about it.), I don't actually doubt that Hill could impart a lot of wisdom and veteran savvy to a locker room teeming with youngsters. He also seems like a seriously nice guy and has proven that he can still ball (on the soccer field, too). It may not pan out, but after a week or two of fright, I think this is a Garden tour and mock-up Knicks jersey we can get behind.