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Unwarranted Excitement Over Darko Milicic

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Time to make <a href="" target="new">one of these</a> in orange and blue.
Time to make one of these in orange and blue.

First of all, it's kind of hard to embrace Darko Milicic when he hasn't surfaced since the day he was dealt for Quentin Richardson. Where the hell is this guy? Don't you have to pass a physical or something after you're traded? I guess there's no rush, since training camp isn't for months, but it's still a bit strange. I imagine that he's on the beach somewhere in Serbia (on the banks of the Danube I guess), snacking on some ćevapčići and Jelen, completely unaware that he's a Knick.

We know he's ours, though, and either despite or because of his physical absence, it's easy to overstate his potential in orange and blue. I'm more than a little wired about what Darko might achieve in New York. Milicic plays pissed off (ev-id-ence), and in joining the Knicks, would replace Q-Rich as the only Knick with that edge. And why shouldn't he be? He was shackled for two years by the same demon-coach that oppressed a young David Lee, and has been hampered by injuries and positional logjams since then. If he stays healthy, the long leash of Coach D'Antoni and the limited competition from Knick "big men" could release the boundless potential that once made Milicic the second overall pick. At MSG, we may finally bear witness to the mythical "Free Darko". That very phrase has morphed into a weird, versatile adjective, but it is etymologically a command. What we have now is an opportunity to heed that command.

It's our duty to assure Darko is freed by throwing our fanatical weight behind his inaugural Knick season. And what's not to like? He's 7-foot, 275 pounds, 24 years old, left-handed, and may or may not have a mustache. He dunks, blocks shots, and has a few post moves, but most of all, harbors more fury than any Knick in recent memory. With our encouragement, Darko can channel that pent-up rage into a career might even say his most improved season to date, ya feel me?

Maybe it's silly to get this excited about a new, unproven player, but it's no more ridiculous than drooling over guys that might be Knicks some time next year (It's July, 2009. This is not a story). It's on us and the Knicks to free Darko. It'd be easier if the guy would only show his face.

After the jump, some intriguing video...

The man is ferocious.