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The Knicks' offer to Grant Hill is a little beefier than we thought.

Contrary to a speculative report from yesterday, the Knicks will not be offering Grant Hill a one-year deal for about half the mid-level exception. Instead, they're giving the 36 year-old a couple of options. Says Frank Isola, Hill can either latch on for one year for $5 million, or stick around for three and reel in $10 million. Before you go fetch your pitchfork, remember that: 1. Hill's offer is just over half of what Jason Kidd's was. 2. He's not Jason Kidd. Donnie Walsh has now made it abundantly clear that he's willing to pay through the earholes for veteran savvy, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. At least Hill's still a half-decent baller and an awesome human being. Walsh and D'Antoni have seen far more of the locker room than we have (unless someone here is withholding some unprecedented access), and must feel it necessary to have some wise, wizened warriors around, especially with the departures of Malik Rose and Quentin Richardson. Personally? I say you toss a couple MLE bucks at Jacque Vaughn, who battled the Bulls with Stockton and Malone and won rings in San Antonio, and call it a day. But that's just me. I'm crazy like that.

It troubles me slightly that Walsh is willing to sign multi-year deals, but hasn't pursued Ramon Sesssions or anyone who, you know, will probably still be playing basketball competently three years from now. Maybe that's the next move.

Anyway, if Grant Hill joins the Knicks, it'll be for more bank than we expected. If management really believes that veteran leadership is New York's paramount concern, then so be it. It could be much worse. As today is the first day that free agent contracts can actually be signed, keep checking back for updates. Hopefully we'll be hearing more on this front, as well as the David Lee and Nate Robinson situations, later on.