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Bear witness.

This video is over a week old, but it's good to hear what a Knick thinks about the draft, the Darko trade, and the outlook for next season.

I'd be lying, though, if I said I posted this clip for any other reason than to share with you the magical moment that happens about 1:52 in. I've now watched it four times and haven't stopped laughing. Who is this child? How did he get so bold (he even head-fakes and thinks about coming back into the shot for a second!)? Where did he get that awesome tiger shirt? Can he please make an appearance in all videos I watch? He is most certainly a messiah or prophet or saint of some sort, making an appearance to assure us that all is well in the world of the Knicks and we will be rewarded for our loyalty. Thank you, tiger shirt boy.

After the jump, the defining photo of P&T's new official mascot/deity.


Praise be to the kid in the tiger shirt.