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Eddy Curry Drops Weight for a Starting Spot Showdown

I have a series of posts planned covering the logjams the Knicks have at various positions and polling y'all as to who you think should be getting the brunt of the minutes at each spot. That'll wait, though, until the assorted loose ends are tied and we're sure who's a Knick and who ain't. In the meantime, this scoop from the esteemed Alan Hahn foreshadows one of those forthcoming battles:

Eddy Curry has been in Ocean City, N.J. since Aug. 1 to continue his offseason regimen with his trainers, Jerry Powell and Tommy Weatherspoon. According to multiple sources, the Knicks will find that Curry is down another 10 pounds since they saw him in Las Vegas last month, when the embattled center spent two days working out with the summer league team.

Curry weighed about 328 at that time, which, according to Weatherspoon, was 30 pounds lighter than he was at the end of the NBA season. At this point of the offseason, Curry is 318 pounds, which is near the ideal weight range that Weatherspoon has set.

When the Knicks acquired Darko Milicic on draft night, I assumed he was a shoe-in for the starting center spot. It looks as if Curry sensed that as well, and he's busting his ass (literally) in defiance. With Jordan Hill still some years and pounds away from being a primary option, the hole at center could come down to those two. What makes the competition intriguing is that both Milicic and Curry are tremendous big men who still haven't quite displayed the competitive mentality to justify their top-five selections. Maybe, just maybe, the Knicks' wide open five spot will bring out the best in both. BATTLE ROYALE. With cheese.