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Reports from Mount Sessions

I don't know why I picture Ramon Sessions and his people negotiating from a forbidden alpine cave, but I do. Dream with me. Alan Hahn has the word from Mount Sessions, and it's really nothing new.

If there was great interest in Sessions from other NBA teams, he would have signed by now. It sounds like the Knicks are his best -- and possible only -- option, aside from a return to the Milwaukee Bucks at a discount (which is very unlikely). The Knicks are willing to give up less than the mid-level exception for him (about $4M per) and I believe the team should include an early opt-out to sweeten the deal so Sessions can cash-in beyond 2010 if he flourishes in this system.

We're still several weeks before training camp opens. But Sessions has to be itching at this point and may want to get something in ink soon so he can focus on where he will be this season.

Meanwhile, Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld says the mythical Jared Jeffries deal could be what's holding up the negotiation.

The Washington Wizards have more than a passing interest in Jefferies, but would want additional compensation for taking on his additional contract year. It's believed the Wizards would want cash as well as Jefferies and the Knicks don't seem overly interested in that deal yet. Sources in New York describe the situation this way - if they can move a contract they'd meet Sessions asking price. If they cannot, they may pass on Sessions all together.

At least we know Sessions will be welcomed if this deal ever does go down. From a separate article by Kimberly A. Martin:

"If we get a guy like Sessions in, it's only going to make our team better," said Duhon, who got off to a strong start last season before appearing to wear down under heavy minutes. He wound up averaging 11.1 points and 7.2 assists.

He added, "That was my thought process throughout the whole time. If we get a guy like Jason Kidd, we're going to be better. If we get a guy like Grant Hill, we're going to be better. Andre Miller, we're going to be better.

"I've always been a team player. It's never been about me as a player; it's always been about the team. Whoever we bring here, that makes us better, gives us a chance to win, bring 'em in."

Chris Duhon's a team player, but we knew that.

We know Donnie Walsh is a shark of a businessman, and I appreciate his tempering of impulses with the future in mind. I wouldn't mind Sessions getting paid since he's exactly the kind of player the Knicks would be looking for in 2010. Might as well get ahead now, if you ax me. Then again, I feel pretty much the same way about David Lee, Nate Robinson, and Bip Roberts, so don't listen to me.