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Nate Robinson Arrested

Nate Robinson was arrested by police tonight for driving with a suspended license, the NY Post reports. That's not good news for someone negotiating a contract, but it could've been a lot worse.

New York Knicks player Nate Robinson came up short tonight in The Bronx, where cops have busted the pint-size slam-dunk expert for driving without a license, The Post has learned.

The arrest was the latest in a long list of motor-vehicle-related troubles for Robinson and could imperil the restricted free agent guard's efforts to sign a new contract with the Knicks, who already were only mildly interested in re-signing him for just a one-year deal.

Robinson -- whose license was suspended in June for the fifth time -- was driving a vehicle that also was carrying newly drafted New Jersey Nets player Terrence Williams when cops stopped him in The Bronx in the late afternoon.

P&T PSA: Obey traffic laws and don't drive with a suspended license. Thank you.