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KD and Gian Talk Knicks, Everything Else

I simply had to pass along episode two of The Turnover podcast. It marks the collision of two of the best talents on the internet- 7SoM's Knick expert and video guru Gian Casimiro and Ball Don't Lie's venerable Kelly Dwyer. They start talking about the offseason- Shaq, the Magic, the Celtics, etc.- but the conversation quickly turns to the Knicks. KD's pretty much the most astute basketball fan on the planet, so it's interesting to hear his thoughts on last year's Knicks and the 2010 plan. He's a big proponent of one-year contracts, shares my belief that the cap-clearing is more about overall flexibility than it is about LeBron, but drops some borderline heresy about Wilson Chandler. Again, when perhaps the best Knicks blogger and perhaps the best overall NBA blogger on the internet have a half-hour chat, it's worth a listen. Check it out.

"What was New York last year? Rebuilding, and fun, and aesthetically pleasing."