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Nate Robinson to Meet With Management

I wanted to say "Nate Robinson to Meet With MGMT", but decided that would be confusing. In any event, Nate Robinson intends to meet with Knicks brass on Wednesday, and depending on who you ask, this could be equal parts negotiation and a trip to the principal's office.

Nate's flurry of tweets yesterday included the following:

No new on the kinks my tweeps but I meet wit mr donnie walsh wed keep ur fingers X !! Hope it goes well

Misspellings aside, that sounds like no more than a meeting of minds regarding Robinson's contract situation, which remains unsolved. From what Frank Isola's hearing, though, you've gotta wonder if the Knicks' side of the negotiation is beginning to harden.

We all know that once Dolan felt that Latrell Sprewell had embarrassed the organization management was told to trade Sprewell. The same with Stephon Marbury. From what I'm hearing, Robinson is also on the endangered list with Dolan's blessing of course.

One league executive claims that if Robinson, a restricted free agent, were to receive any offer from another team the Knicks would not match it.

Dolan works in mysterious ways. It'll be interesting to see what transpires after the Wednesday meeting. If the previous events of the summer are any indication, absolutely nothing will happen, but YOU NEVER KNOW.

P.S. "'Lil Him"? Really?