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The Latest on Sessions

I'm back, y'all. While I was basking amongst bearded bros, Donnie Walsh and the Knicks did...well, almost nothing. New York claiming the rights to Jason Williams was the extent of the actual transactin', and it seems that he's working out mostly to serve as a backup plan if the Knicks can't reel in Nate Robinson and/or Ramon Sessions.

Speaking of which, things have only inched forward on the Sessions front since we last spoke. His agent ("Chubby") says there could be an offer by tomorrow, while Milwaukee Twitter fiend Gerry Woelfel claims it might very well come today (via TKB). One thing that has changed since Friday is that Hakim Warrick is committed to the Bucks, meaning the Knicks are only at odds with time, money, and the Clippers.

I'm watching the news closely and will post if there are any updates regarding free agency. In the meantime, I'd recommend Tommy Dee's talk with Frank from BrewHoop. It's a couple P&T friendz riffing on Ramon Sessions, so you can't miss. Thanks to everybody (Lord Smackington in particular) for keeping things up-to-date in my absence, and thanks to Donnie Walsh for postponing the big news until I returned. I'm back now, Donnie. Get it done.