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Hey, why not Carlos Arroyo?

Good CALL, Dime Magazine! You know, one would think that I'd come to these conclusions myself, since I ostensibly care about the Knicks enough to write a blog, but nope. I've read each of the stories about Carlos Arroyo's possible return to the NBA, shrugged, scratched my head, and gone back to dressing up Angelina Jolie. Not once did the following cross my mind: "Hey, New York has worked out every free agent point guard on the planet! Wouldn't it be cool/appropriate if they pursued Carlos Arroyo- a player I actually quite like!?". Shameful, I know. Thankfully, Dime's Aron Philips is more thoughtful than yours truly. He included the Knicks as one of his "5 Teams That Should Sign Carlos Arroyo":

The Knicks have been looking for another point guard all summer, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be Ramon Sessions. Arroyo can run and push the tempo in D’Antoni’s system and would probably come back on just a one-year deal, making Donnie Walsh prefer him over Sessions anyway.

Now, Arroyo's been mentioned mostly in talks with the Bulls and the Celtics. We haven't gotten word of any interest from or for the Knicks, but why not? Arroyo's a capable point guard and he'd probably compete for a starting spot. The latter could give New York something of an advantage in courting him, not to mention that he might have a built-in fanbase, considering New York's large Puerto Rican population. PR MOVE, y'all! Who said I didn't have puns? Anyway, if you're gonna bring in Jamaal Tinsley, I don't see why Carlos Arroyo shouldn't at least get a cursory look.

¿Thoughts, children?