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New York Welcomes Stackhouse, Giant Matzo Ball

First of all, the next available member of the NBA's 32+ club will meet with the Knicks today. Jerry Stackhouse is 34 and was recently traded to the Grizzlies only to be subsequently waived. Just as you'd expect, Donnie Walsh came calling. Marc Berman of the Post has the report:

Stackhouse, 34, played just 10 games last season with Dallas because of injuries. Coach Mike D'Antoni appears to have no use for Larry Hughes, and the starting shooting guard position is in the hands of Wilson Chandler.

The Knicks need backcourt depth, and they still seem to be looking for cheaper options beyond unsigned Nate Robinson, whom the Knicks consider a shooting guard.

Stackhouse, available for a one-year deal at the veteran's minimum, was once a glorious outside shooter, with a career average at 18.4 ppg. D'Antoni said he feels the Knicks need more size in the backcourt. They're also considering Von Wafer, the young Rockets' shooting guard.

I have no feeling about this. At some point I'll probably just write up a Mad-Lib called "The Knicks Work Out a Veteran Free Agent!", and just leave blanks for AGE, NAME OF 1990'S STAR, and EXPLETIVE. Anyway, I agree that the Knicks need backcourt depth, but I'd offer that Morris Almond and Joe Crawford are my two leading candidates to provide said depth. They're just as low risk, but have significantly higher ceilings. Picture a dollhouse sitting in the Sistine Chapel. Li'l ceiling visual for y'all. Anyway, on to bigger things.

What bigger things, you ask? How about 200 pounds of pure deliciousness!? From the same article:

To promote the Knicks-Maccabi Tel Aviv exhibition, a Guinness-record-setting 200-pound, 3-foot high matzoh ball will be wheeled to a Lower East Side deli this morning. The ball contains 1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine and will be available for serving at 10 a.m. at Noah's Ark Deli on Grand Street.

Now THAT's news. Somebody who lives in the city should definitely get over there, snap some pictures, and grab some of that monolithic matzo ball. Email me a piece, too. Don't ask how. Just figure it out.

P.S. Anybody else suspect that Donnie Walsh engineered a plan to unveil the secretly-signed Ramon Sessions from inside the matzo ball? I picture Knicks fans digging in until Sessions finally jumps out wearing a Knicks jersey and holding a basketball. It's like one of those big stripper cakes, only for the Semitic Knick-fan crowd. I hope they cooked the matzo ball before they dropped Ramon in there.