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Magic Snatch Morris Almond

First of all, imagine how completely baffling that headline would be if you knew nothing about the NBA. Second of all, it's time for some knee-jerk rage. I just read this tweet from the esteemed Ben Q Rock, which led me to track down this article from the Orlando Sentinel. Why do we care about the Magic adding training camp personnel? Here's why:

   The Magic have added two free agents --- guard Morris Almond and forward Linton Johnson III --- to their training-camp roster, said General Manager Otis Smith.

    Almond, 6-feet-6, was a former first-round pick in 2007 by Utah and played 25 games with the Jazz last season. He averaged 3.7 points and 1.4 rebounds.

I'd like an explanation, please. You may or may not remember that Morris "Mo Nuts" Almond was on the Knicks' Summer League squad in Las Vegas and played excellent basketball. He showed expert range, an ability to drive to the basket, and even some defensive chops. Many of us were impressed, and Donnie Walsh himself mentioned his love of Nuts during an interview in Summer League. So you'd figure that all translates to a training camp invite, right? Apparently not. Gabe Pruitt got an invite. Sun Yue did too. Almond didn't. Why not? Does Walsh simply feel that the Knicks are set at shooting guard (If so, that's hogwash), or is there something else at work here? Does Almond's agent hate the Knicks? Did Morris witness Walsh strangling a hooker at Summer League? I'm sure one of New York's beat writers will get to the bottom of this. WE WANT ANSWERS.