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Training Camp Looms

It's getting to be that time of year, y'all. In around ten days, your New York Knicks will invade the campus of my tiny college and put my liberal arts education on a one-week pause. You can expect the same sort of coverage you got last season, only I've got a slightly better understanding of how things work, so the stuff should be better and more abundant. I need your help, though. I've got a few ideas and some questions I'd like to ask, but I intend to represent the interests of the entire P&T community. This thread is for all of you to share questions that you have and topics worth mentioning when I talk to the Knicks. If you were here last year, you know that I think it best to leave the real questions to New York's gaggle of excellent beat reporters and keep things light. So check out last year's stuff, rack your li'l brains, and give me some input in the comments (and email me/comment throughout the week). Funny is good, but remember that I've gotta say these things in person. Have at it.