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Fear Not: Lee and Robinson Will Be Knicks

It's not really anything new or surprising, but in his most recent Fix, Alan Hahn assures us that David Lee and Nate Robinson will be signed and present at training camp in Saratoga.

There is little doubt both players will be signed and ready for training camp, which opens next Tuesday in Saratoga.

It was predetermined that both players will receive one-year deals, but at this point no financial terms have been set just yet.

Lee's qualifying offer is $2.6 million, but it has been long believed that the team would be willing to go above that number on a one-year contract. Robinson's QO is $2.9 million and there is a possibility that Robinson will take the QO.

Like I said, it's no lightning strike, but it's reassuring to hear that Lee and Nate will be ready to go next week. Meanwhile, as this is a fittingly late and underwhelming end to a tedious summer, I thought I'd present this bit of editorial from Tim Povtak at Fanhouse: 

If the New York Knicks want to get their fans excited about the 2009-10 season, they better be planning some good halftime shows. Or maybe free beer at every home game. Or prizes to those who boo the loudest.

When the only additions to the roster are Darko Milicic and two rookies who will take a few years to develop, you need a creative marketing department.

It's hard to imagine a high-profile team doing less.

Click through to read the whole thing. Povtak's point is mainly that the Knicks sacrificed the '09-'10 season for long-term aspirations, which I think we can all agree upon. But with this summer of big bark and little bite finally reaching its end, are we confident in the strategy?