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Hahn: Nate Robinson's Got a Deal

According to the magnificent Alan Hahn, Nate Robinson's one-year deal will be completed today. Terms of the contract, which exceeds the QO, are yet to come, but Hahn does mention that there are performance-based incentives in the deal (Perhaps a bonus for limiting technicals? Extra bucks if he averages 2 steals a game?), and also shares this bit of information via Twitter:

As for the trade-veto question: Yes, Nate must approve any trade if the Knicks wanted to move him before the deadline.

Keep that in mind come February. With the number of expiring (and soon-to-be-expiring) contracts on the roster, Donnie Walsh might be far more active at the deadline than he was this summer.

We're one David Lee signing away from being set for training camp.

Update: "Curiously, Knicks-Nate deal suddenly not getting officially done today. But from what I know, deal is done."