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Who will be the next Knick All-Star?

Pop quiz: When's the last time the Knicks sent a player to the All-Star game? I'll give you a moment...

(Goes to pee.) (Doesn't wash hands.)

Alright, I'm back. Did you get it? If your answer was the year 2001, when both Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell were All-Star reserves, then you are correct. That truly sucks, eh?. Some brain-racking and a little research tells me that only the Bulls and Warriors have longer All-Star droughts (Baron Davis never made it as a Warrior? That's a shame.). All-Star selections are essentially a popularity contest, but it's pretty humiliating to go 8 years without trotting out a single player who the public feels is a top-30 talent. We're not here to dwell on the past, though. I'm wondering if any of the current Knicks strike y'all as future All-Stars. Which Knick do you see as the most likely to achieve the prowess and prestige necessary to earn a selection (don't say Lebron)? Check 'em out, after the jump:

Feel free to mention anyone else you deem worthy in the comments, but these are the handful of Knicks that have potential in my eyes. I'm not necessarily talking about this year...more like the foreseeable future.

Wilson Chandler- Wil's numbers are already fairly solid after his second season, and he might soon be a 20-point scorer with hard work and enough touches. Will the mild-mannered Chandler ever be a big enough name to gain national recognition, though? I don't see why not. Danny Granger did it.

Danilo Gallinari- Depending on who you ask, Gallo's either another flimsy European failure, or he's the second coming of Christ. I think you all know where I stand. I foresee Danilo playing all five starting spots on the Eastern All-Stars in 2011. You know, if he's healthy.

Al Harrington- I mean, he was the leading scorer last year.

David Lee- Whether or not Lee's a long-term Knick remains to be seen. Knick or not, Lee's as polarizing as Gallinari is. To some, the double-double machine has the potential to be a top-flight big man. To others, he's a dime-a-dozen garbage collector who benefits from an accelerated offense and a heap of missed shots. Don't forget that Dave was the MVP of the rookie game that one time.

Nate Robinson- Nate's probably the closest thing the Knicks have to a household name. He's a hit with the kids, has a few slam dunk titles under his little belt, and has the right combination of charm and jaw-dropping skill to steal the spotlight in the big game. That said, Nate would have to prove to the whole league that he's more than a novelty to get the coaches' vote.

Anyway, most of you probably didn't need my two cents to determine which Knick you feel has the most All-Star potential. In fact, most of you probably think this is a childish exercise. Cut me some slack. It's the end of a very long offseason. Vote your little hearts out and make yourself heard in the comments if you're leaning more towards another Knick. Maybe you favor one of the rookies? Maybe you're driving the Darko bandwagon? Maybe you are Gabe Pruitt? Speak up.