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It's Media Day, friends.

Can you hear it off in the distance? That's the NBA season fast approaching. Your first sign of life comes today, when the beat reporters descend on Greenburgh, New York to get some face time with the Knicks. I'm not in attendance for the event, which is beginning as I write this. All your favorite sportswriters are there, though, and at least a few should be tweeting live updates. Check 'em out:

- Tommy Dee

- Alan Hahn

- Marc Berman

- Howard Beck

- The Knicks' Twitter

Media day's more about staged photos, mild answers, and awkward hugs than real news, but it's always nice to get reassurance that the players are living, breathing creatures after a summer of discussing them in abstract. After today's festivities, it's off to Saratoga, where I'm waiting with microphone in hand. That's when the hard-hitting shit begins.

Updates coming later.