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Media Day Link Dumpage

It's now media night, which means the Knicks are nestled into bed/hitting up the 18-and-over clubs/watching robot porn (Jared Jeffries) here in Saratoga. I'll get at with you with practice notes and interviews starting tomorrow, but for now, let's see what the real reporters had to offer after this afternoon's events.

- Tommy Dee's got a couple of your favorite Knicks giving interviews on camera, and also some Marbury-like footage of himself in a car as a bonus (no accident, thankfully). Check out Eddy Curry's comments about his contract and 2010.

- Dee also got the following line from Wilson Chandler regarding a change of position to shooting guard:

"I’ve never played there before, so we’ll see what happens. I just go out and play hard and wherever they put me is fine with me."

- And Darko Milicic?

Having spoke to Darko Milicic, I wasn’t overly excited that he can make much of an impact and I hope I’m wrong. He talked a lot about confidence, or lack thereof, and didn’t show much passion to grab a hold of what could be his last chance in the NBA.

- Alan Hahn spoke to Chris Duhon, among others:

"This year, I have a better feeling of what to expect, what it's going to take to maintain my body and what I need to do on and off the court," he said. "I'm more prepared for it. If that situation happens again, I really believe I won't break down like I did last year."

Click through to each of those articles for more notes and quotes from all of the Knicks. Camp starts tomorrow.