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Video: Knicks Evening Scrimmages- 9/30/09

Blue Orange White
#2 Nate Robinson #31 Darko Milicic #7 Al Harrington
#42 David Lee #43 Jordan Hill #9 Sun Yue
#1 Chris Duhon #23 Toney Douglas #5 Joe Crawford
#8 Danilo Gallinari #21 Wilson Chandler #31 Chris Hunter
#20 Jared Jeffries #13 Gabe Pruitt #41 Warren Carter
#11 Marcus Landry #17 Ron Howard #0 Larry Hughes

At last! I filmed a nice chunk of the Knicks' evening scrimmages here at day 2 of training camp in Saratoga Springs. The videos are a little fuzzy, so to assist with your viewing, here are the rosters for each squad:

May have flip-flopped a few, but I'm sure I at least got the important people right. Enjoy the vids after the jump, and apologies for the quality. More to come.

At the end there, that's Danilo Gallinari making free throws in front of the whole team to end practice. Not sure what would've happened if he missed. (Duhon hit his and Nate missed one of two. Didn't see any consequences.)