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Sessions to Minnesota, Lee to Sign After Labor Day?

Well, the report came out late last night that Ramon Sessions would be a Timberwolf, and it appears the deed is done: From ESPN:

The waiting and wondering is finally over for restricted free agent Ramon Sessions, who agreed Friday to sign a four-year, $16 million offer sheet with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A source told that the paperwork on the deal was being processed Friday morning. After Sessions signs, the Milwaukee Bucks will have seven days to match the offer, which they are not expected to do.

Walsh likely wouldn't have signed off on anything above the MLE, so I guess we can simply applaud the Wolves for making an offer Ramon couldn't refuse (though, to be fair, Walsh could've inked Sessions back when David Kahn was still pleading with Ricky Rubio). The Wolves now have a hell of a point guard battle on their hands, and the Knicks are the same team they were in June. Oh well. Long live cap space.

Speaking of which, the long-rumored one-year deal for David Lee has been projected to materialize "at some point after Labor Day". Also from ESPN:

Contract discussions are expected to heat up next week, with a deal expected to fall into the $6 million-to-$8 million range. The only way the deal with Lee wouldn't get done is if another team offers the Knicks a sign-and-trade scenario for a player the Knicks like at least as much as Lee and still allows for future financial flexibility.

Nothing new there, really. These ambiguous deadlines and talks of imminence are getting pretty tiresome, if you ask me. It'll be fantastic once these various loose ends are tied and we can talk about the coming season with some certainty.