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P&T Swag For the New Decade!

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It's 2010, and I'm happy to announce that Posting and Toasting is unveiling its winter line of quality t-shirts. I've got two new guys to show you:


The "Legs" t-shirt celebrates Jonathan Bender's weird, wonderful return from injury with the Knicks. Bender's gangly majesty is well-documented, and there simply had to be some way to commemorate this stint, however brief it may be. Whether you suffer from chronic knee pain or are just on the spindly side, salute the beauty of "Legs" in style.

This shirt was designed by the same brilliant/anonymous P&T denizen who graced us with the DWTDD tee. It comes in a number of colors, but I tend to favor white or light blue.


The Clyde t-shirt is a tribute to P&T's patron saint: the loquacious Walt Frazier. It features Clyde's typically fresh personage alongside one of his many signature phrases: "Shrewd! Clever! Slick!". Whether you're a lilliputian, a precocious neophyte, or you're just trying to make the quantum leap, this shirt will get you places in the flyest way possible.

This one was designed by my friend and associate, the effervescent Drew Litowitz. I also think this one looks freshest in the light blue, but there are plenty of color options.

Both shirts are up and for sale now at the P&T shop. They both say "Posting and Toasting" in little black letters on the back, so I'd recommend sticking to lighter colors. Check 'em out and let me know what you think!

Also, it goes without saying that if you are or plan to be the owner of an article of P&T swag, photographic evidence of a shirt on or with a person of importance or worn in an interesting place would be met with applause.