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Game Thread: Knicks at Thunder- 1/11/10


Evening, parsnips. Your Knicks are in the bustling metropolis of Oklahoma City tonight to face the high-flying Thunder. OKC is just about the coolest, most likable team you can find, with crazy kids like Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, Eric Maynor, Serge Ibaka, and James Harden complementing the main attraction: Kevin Durant. It will likely be Wilson Chandler's duty to try and slow Durant's recent scoring rampage. I've got faith in Wilson's ability to at least bug "Durantula", but others aren't so convinced. Go get 'em, Wil.

Either way, the deep and potent Thunder will be an exceedingly difficult match-up for the Knicks. New York will need to steal Western road games like this, though, if they plan on getting back to .500.

Come on by to comment and don't forget to check out Welcome to Loud City for all things thunderous. Tipoff's at 8.