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R.I.P. E. Desmond Lee

The word for the past few days was that David Lee's esteemed grandfather, E. Desmond Lee was on his deathbed. According to reports, he has recently passed away at the age of 92. We knew him only as 1/4 of the reason Dave-- a tremendously gifted player and generally excellent guy-- exists and thank him dearly for that. That's not all E. Desmond Lee did for the world, though. Click through the link for more on Lee's grandpa and his vast philanthropic reach in St. Louis and beyond. It won't surprise you that his genes turned out such a fantastic athlete and individual.

I've seen nothing regarding whether or not Lee will stay with the team for Wednesday night's game against the Sixers, but it'd obviously be understandable if he was absent.

Our thoughts go out to David and his whole family.

Update from Steve Adamek: "David Lee is expected to play Wednesday night in Philadelphia, then fly home to St. Louis following the passing of his 92-year-old grandfather, according to the team."