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Game Thread: Knicks at Pistons- 1/16/10

Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere. How are we, ladies and gentlemen? That's nice. Me? Oh, I'm alright. Kind of hungry, but I think I'll grab a bite before the Knicks tip off. Speaking of which, the Knicks are in Detroit, Michigan this evening to wrassle with the Pistons. The Knicks have had recent success at the Palace, but the last few games lead me to believe that a win tonight won't come easily. New York's misplaced some of their defensive swagger, and is liable to give up a ton of points on any given night until they tighten things up.

There will be no contest for tonight's game. You can expect the next T-Mobile giveaway late Sunday night or early Monday morning, with tickets to Friday's Knicks-Lakers game up for grabs.

Come on by for the game thread (once again, that includes all of you who made accounts to win free shit. Make yourself heard!) and check out Detroit Bad Boys when you get a chance. Tipoff's at 7:30. See you then.