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Video: Mike D'Antoni, Vittorio Gallinari, and Bob McAdoo Get Nice With It

I do have some thoughts on yesterday's game/news rattling around in my head, but fuhry's recap from yesterday covered the Knicks-Pistons match-up nicely. I'll get into it more later if I feel the urge. Either way, this takes precedent. This video comes courtesy of the eminent Tommy Dee, who rightfully guessed that I would appreciate such a gem.

What we have here is a video from what I'd guess to be the late '80s that features plenty of familiar Knick faces. You'll see Vittorio Gallinari (father of Danilo), current Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni, and former Knick Bob McAdoo each busting a variety of truly special moves. This video has it all-- champagne, women, awkward standing, purple shirts, spirit fingers-- but the highlight is unquestionably whatever limp-limbed gypsy boogying the elder Gallinari attempts for a moment at the 30-second mark. If you want the origin of Danilo Gallinari's goofy brilliance encapsulated in a single instant, I think I've found it.

A thousand thanks to Tommy. Check out TKB if you are not a child and want to read actual news and analysis.