The Celtics want Nate and we should give them what they want

According to this report:

The celtics want Nate Robinson. Doc Rivers believes he can really connect with the dynamic guard and bring out the best in him as a player. Although doing this deal would be a big blow to the Knicks hopes of getting to the playoffs I think they should do it. I personally believe the Knicks roster will be totally blown up after this season. Also I feel that Nate will NOT be back next year, whether the Knicks do this deal or not. So when another team gives you an opportunity to make a deal we should just do it and help ourselves for the future.

The only way I see the Knicks doing this is if somehow they can unload either Cuttino Mobleys or Eddy Currys contract along with shipping Nate over to Boston. OR I would simply take Boston's first round draft pick for Nate. I would not want the Knicks to do this deal just to get an expiring contract from Boston. This 3rd option does not give the Knicks enough value for this transaction. I seriously doubt Boston would be willing to eat Mobley's or Curry's salary so I really don't think that would happen.

BOTTOM LINE: Get Boston's first round pick for a player we won't even bring back next year...let's keep adding young pieces to the puzzle for next year's overhaul of the roster.