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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Lakers- 1/22/10


I just discovered this while cleaning out my closet (also found: orange Allan Houston jersey, Knicks socks, and Chris Mills' skull) and am adopting it as a kind of talisman for tonight's game against the Lakers. I might even try and squeeze it on, even though it's a Kids Large. If the Knicks win tonight, this baby's coming back to school with me.

Tonight should be interesting. Kobe will score a bunch. Pants will be soil'd. If the Knicks could somehow wade through the hype and emerge with a victory, that'd be pretty damn awesome.

Come by at 8 to comment and check out the splendid Silver Screen and Roll for Lakers coverage.

Also, a sidenote: I've asked this before, but when the Knicks are on national TV (as they are tonight), do you watch on ESPN or stick to the MSG broadcast? I pose that question with the understanding that many of you are out of market.

Time to go eat dinner with my grandma. See y'all soon.