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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Mavericks- 1/24/10

Good morning, everybody. Before kickoff today, the Knicks will face the Dallas Mavericks at MSG. The story's just out that the Mavs will be without Jason Kidd, which bodes somewhat well, given that Kidd's a serial Knick-killer. The Mavs will still be a handful, though, and somebody--Chris Duhon, Larry Hughes, even Toney Douglas-- needs to step in and run the show capably for the Knicks to have any shot in this one. (Nate Robinson will probably not play).

You've got another half hour or so to get your leading scorer predictions in below. Those of you who answered Nate are out of luck. Gotta pay attention! Get those contest entries in if you haven't already, join the game thread at 1 to comment along with the game action, and don't forget to check out Mavs Moneyball.