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Isola: David Lee Will Not Be an All-Star

From the Daily News:

David Lee's best season apparently will not lead to an All-Star berth.

According to a source, Lee will not be one of the seven reserves named to the Eastern Conference All-Star Team. The official announcement of the All-Star reserves from both conferences will be broadcast live on TNT Thursday night.

Lee made a strong case for himself this season by significantly improving his offensive game. But the East coaches who vote for the seven players may have ultimately deemed that the Knicks 18-26 record doesn't merit an All-Star berth.


There is always a possibility that an injury to one of the 12 players on the team could give Lee another chance. Kevin Garnett was voted as a starter by the fans and he has only recently returned from a knee injury. Allen Iverson, who was also voted in by the fans, has been banged up this year.

Bummer, but with injuries, you never know. I think most of us would agree that Lee is deserving, but we're obviously biased. No matter what, he's number one in our hearts.

Also, I think we'll wait until the official release before we call this one dead.