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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers- 1/3/10


Hey everybody. Fresh off the win of the decade, the Knicks return home tonight to face the wily Indiana Pacers. Indy is absolutely ravaged by injuries, but New York mustn't make light of even the most depleted opponents, especially when this was only a few months ago. Jonathan Bender's troublesome Legs will keep him out against his former team, but we're really all on edge to see what Nate Robinson brings tonight.

Very recent history tells us the Knicks are still prone to follow improbable wins with face-palming losses, but a game against a sub-.500 team that's missing nearly all of its first-stringers absolutely must be had. Please don't mess this up.

Come get comfortable at 6 p.m. for in-game comments, and don't forget to check out Indy Cornrows.