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Knicks: Cards Are Cool, Duels Are Not.

From Marc Berman of the NY Post:

With the league-wide scrutiny over gambling among players that led to the Gilbert Arenas locker-room gunplay, coach Mike D'Antoni said he's not following the Nets lead and prohibiting card games on the team plane.

"I don't think we have that problem," D'Antoni said. "Guys are aware. We've got good guys. We'll be OK."

Team president Donnie Walsh said Thursday team security director John Donohue keeps a list of Knicks players with a licensed gun and are told to never bring it to the arena, the practice facility or anywhere in New York City, where gun laws are the tightest.

"We have John Donohue who does that," D'Antoni said. "That's his job. Obviously you have to make sure it's being done. John is great at it."

Presumably, knives, chains, slingshots, nunchucks, axes, shanks, brass knuckles, whips, clubs, spears, throwing stars, light sabers, poison darts, broken bottles, Rhodesian fighting sticks, trebuchets, maces made of human bones, pots of scalding water, and napalm are all fair game. They also didn't say anything about waging biological warfare after an unlucky run in Go Fish. So it's not like the Knicks can't settle a debt if need be.