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Can Anthony Randolph play "center"?

I already mentioned this idea below, but it's now weaseled its way into my consciousness and I can't think of anything else. Here's some more on the prospect from Marc Berman:

The only way to fit Randolph into the starting lineup is at center. Mozgov has been a poised presence during camp, but the Knicks might keep him out of foul trouble by bringing him off the bench.

The versatile Randolph also is being used to front the Knicks' fullcourt press that will be used more this season.

"We're trying to find out where best to use him," D'Antoni said.

I mentioned to Osborn at training camp that if Anthony Randolph were to start, it would either have to be at small forward (which is not at all vacant) or at center. He's not comfortable enough with his back to the basket to get more than spot minutes against fours. As a center, I can picture Randolph doing most of his work from the perimeter, stretching the floor for Amar'e Stoudemire and gliding past lumbering big men for savage, fiery dunks.

Defensively, the notion of Randolph anchoring the press is reminiscent of Jared Jeffries' crucial role in the match-up zone last season, and you can practically hear the gears turning in D'Antoni's brain. Randolph is still far too spindly and immature to hang with those lumbering big men mentioned above, but as a roaming, ball-poaching cyclone, Anthony could be a hell of a weapon. He'd be like Jared Jeffries 6.0. Against the Andrew Boguts and Roy Hibberts of the world, though...maybe not so much.

Whether or not Randolph starts isn't really the concern. There might not even be a "center" position on this team. It's more about how many minutes he gets and what he does with them. In a conventional rotation, Randolph would just split time spelling Stoudemire and Danilo Gallinari (well, in a conventional rotation, Randolph wouldn't even exist), but on a D'Antoni team, there are far more possibilities for Big Anthony.

So, what do we think? When and where should Anthony Randolph get minutes? Could he start at center? If not him, then who? Speak up in the commentz.