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7SoM: Webisode 26, Knicks v Celtics

Top of the muffin to y'all.

In the 26th installment of 7 Seconds or Mess , I look at one play involving our golden calf, Timofey Mozgov, and one defensive stand anchored by, well, the player that quietly anchors a lot of the team's defensive stands.

I mentioned in the last episode that lineups featuring Ronny Turiaf would be an issue and wondered if Mozgov could consistently hit the jumper he's shown on occasion. After three games, it's pretty clear that he's more than capable of doing so and plays like the one featured here are possible because of it.

On the defensive side, we've seen the team have good efforts before. But the question, as always, is will there be any consistency to it? Wilson Chandler certainly has the instincts. Landry Fields, I think, will surprise people on this side of the ball. But, still.