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Randolph, Mozgov Sustain Boo-Boos, D'Antoni Announces Starters

Um, a whole run of news just got twat from Knicks practice. We'll start with the headline news:

Marc Berman:

Anthony Randolph sprained his left ankle 20 minutes ago in scrimmage and is not practicing. Doesn't sound good for tomorrow.

Adam Zagoria with the follow-up:

F Anthony Randolph has sprained ankle from to day

But wait! There's more:

With Randolph already off court, now Mozgov is writhing in pain on court after taking a hit. Gets up, flexing leg. limps off to locker room.

And the sum of it all, your starting lineup for tomorrow:

will start Felton, Fields, Amare, Gallinari and Mozgov (if healthy) Wed in Toronto

TOO MANY NEWSES!!!!111 I'll update when I see more on the injuries, but above all else, congratulations to Landry Fields for earning a starting spot. It remains to be seen whether he can hang with first-string twos, but I've got faith in the rook. The best part of that move is that Wilson Chandler and Toney Douglas will both spin with a second unit that looks a lot sharper now.

(Update: 1:36): Howard Beck just twat:

Knicks injury update: Mozgov has bruised hip, not considered serious. Probably starts tomorrow. Randolph might be going for x-rays on ankle.

(Update: 3:23):

ARandolph out for Knix opener w. spr. L ankle, same that sidelined him final 3 mos. last season. Mozgov questionable w. L hip contusion.