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Game Thread: Knicks at Raptors- 10/27/10

I just bought a Snickers bar and put it in the freezer, declaring that I will not eat it until the Knicks win a game. You can be damn sure I want to eat that thing tonight. In less than an hour, the season will be upon us as our Knicks take the court against the Toronto Raptors. As will be the case for all 82 games (and all the playoff games thereafter), this thread is for commenting throughout the evening. Keep it civil, have fun, and do everything you can to increase the probability that the Knicks win (first order of business: listen to the entire Space Jam theme song. All of it.). Just like last year, I'll try and incorporate the best comments from the thread into my recap (often in the headline), so, you witty and stuff.

Between now and 7 o'clock, I've got a question for y'all: If we were to host a P&T Viewing Party on Friday, November 5th at a wholesome downtown bar, who of you would be willing and able to attend? I'm just trying to get a rough estimate of how many people would be interested in such an event. Thanks and I'll see y'all around 7.

Also, check out Raptors HQ. It's really great and I once ate some delicious chicken fingers with one of the editors. C'mon, one time for the ladies.

(Last-second addition: Anthony Randolph will miss about two weeks.)